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Dress Shoes

Fine footwear for work, that special event, or night out

Stemar Viareggio Brown
Stemar Viareggio Black
Stemar Cuneo Black
Stemar Cuneo Brown
Stemar Asti Black
Stemar Asti Brown
Stemar Genova Burnished Tan
Stemar Genova Black
Stemar Genova Suede Dark Brown
Stemar Lecco Black
Stemar Lodi Black
Stemar Lugo Black
Stemar Napoli Navy
Stemar Napoli Dark Brown
Stemar Roma Burnshed Tan
Stemar Roma Black
Stemar Sorrento Navy
Stemar Ferrara Brown WIDE
Stemar Ferrara Black WIDE
Stemar Trento Blue WIDE
Stemar Trento Burgundy WIDE
Stemar Trento Tan WIDE
Stemar Verona Black WIDE
Stemar MODENA Black
Stemar MODENA Dark Brown
Stemar LUCCA Burgundy
Stemar LUCCA Black
Stemar PERUGIA Burgundy
Stemar PERUGIA Tan
Stemar PERUGIA Black
Stemar SIENA Black
Stemar PISA Black
Stemar UDINE Blue
Stemar UDINE Dark Brown
Stemar VENEZIA Dark Brown
Stemar VENEZIA Navy
Stemar SORRENTO Black
Stemar SORRENTO Brown
Stemar JESOLO Black
Stemar JESOLO Dark Brown
Stemar JESOLO WIDE Black
Stemar JESOLO WIDE Dark Brown
Stemar 226977 Black
Stemar 226970 Black/Gray
Stemar 226991 Black
Stemar 39678
Stemar 226724 Black
Stemar 226868 Black
Stemar 226840 Black
Stemar 226826 Black
Stemar 226393 Black
Stemar 226506 Linen
Stemar 226814 Tan
Stemar 227013
Stemar 227014 Blue
Stemar 226956 Blue
Stemar 227741 Woven Derby Shoes
Stemar 227740 Woven Bit Loafers
Stemar 227709B Suede Twist Tie Loafers
Stemar 227768A Suede Loafers
Stemar 227778 Kangaroo Penny Loafers
Stemar 227510G Denim Loafers
Stemar 227758 Denim Cap Toe
Stemar 227735 Denim Wingtip
Stemar 227760A Cap Toe Oxfords
Stemar 227761A Wingtip Brogues
Stemar 227712 Suede Penny Loafers
Stemar 227713A Crocodile Bit Loafers
Stemar 227750 Wingtip Oxfords
Stemar 227781 Limited Edition Oxfords
Stemar 227781E Limited Edition Oxfords
Stemar 227781B Limited Edition Oxfords
Stemar 227781C Limited Edition Oxfords
Stemar 227781D Limited Edition Oxfords
Stemar 227781A Limited Edition Oxfords
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